Phlebotomy Training

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This course is designed to prepare the student for drawing blood in the healthcare field. The student will learn the proper procedures for safely collecting and handling laboratory specimens from patients of all ages. Upon completion of this program students will be able to work in various healthcare occupations such as private medical labs, hospital labs, clinics, physician offices, etc.

This course is six (6) weeks in duration for a total of 180 hours of training.

Prerequisite (s)

High School Diploma or GED. Must have basic math and reading skills at or above the 8th grade level. Must be computer literate.

Program Outline

  • Overview of Phlebotomy Practice, Basic Anatomy and Physiology of Organ
  • Systems including the Circulatory System
  • Safety Procedures for drawing blood
  • Equipment Use, Procedures and Lab practice
  • Special Procedures and Point of Care Testing
  • Quality, Management, Ethical and Legal Issues
  • Phlebotomy Externship
  • Job Search Training