Customer Service Training

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  • First Impressions: Attitude, Actions, Appearance, Visual & Non-Visual Impressions
  • Communications: Effective Telephone Techniques, One-on-One Customer Contact, Business Correspondence
  • Difficult Customers: Staying focused, Building Relationships, Respect, Gathering Information, Problem solving.
  • Customer Inquiries: Responding Timely
  • Staying Motivated: Having a Positive Attitude, Enthusiasm
  • Time Management: Providing Quick & Friendly Service, Prioritizing, Following up.
  • Team Player: Working Together, Listening Skills, Leadership, Responsibilities, Being Accountable.
  • Work Ethics: Ethical Behavior, Values, Ethical Conflicts, Constructive Problem Solving, Upward Communication Skills.
  • Keeping Customers Life-Long: Providing Quality Service, Honoring the Customer, Going the Extra Mile, Performance, Being Trustworthy, Interactions, Customer Satisfaction